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We’re different to other providers of equity, mezzanine, bridging and short-term finance.

Most lenders love complication as it makes them money and hides the true cost of borrowing.

We keep it simple, put our clients first by offering the very best in transparent, fast and fuss free lending.
  • Every Ultimate loan is structured to suit our clients
  • Our service is always personal and responsive to our client’s needs, and so say goodbye to computers, spreadsheets, committees and delays
  • We love finding solutions to our client’s problems, making things happen and being flexible in our approach
  • We don’t charge fees. Others charge fees like budget airlines charge a pound to spend a penny. It’s not fair and hides the true cost of borrowing
We have substantial funds available and awaiting deployment at short notice. If you’re looking for a loan provider that puts you and your client at the centre of its business then please either call us on 020 8974 4705 or email us at ask@ultimatecapital.co.uk

If you want to discuss funding please call us on 0208 974 4705 or

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If you're a Broker or private client who needs funding fast call us 0208 974 4705 or

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